Corporate Advice

Wood Roberts acts as corporate advisor to emerging and middle-market companies that we believe are poised for significant near-term growth. We help our clients solve a broad range of problems and achieve their business goals. We know that each client is unique and we tailor our services to the specific needs of each client.

We provide corporate advice, which typically comprises advice and assistance in formulating a strategic plan addressing the client's capital needs. We create a multiple step structure specifically designed for the client where each step is appropriate for the specific stage in the company's development. For example, we may initially negotiate purchase order or receivable financing, move on to help establish solid long-term banking relationships, and provide advice on structuring mezzanine financing and other capital raising. 

Our advice sometimes doesn't start at the strategic plan and it certainly doesn't end there. It may involve: the introduction of additional outside professional advisors; assistance in improving financial reporting; contract negotiation; joint venture introduction and structuring; dispositions and acquisitions; and many other facets of general business advice.

We do not provide legal or tax advice. However, we hold firmly to the opinion that valuable strategic corporate advice cannot be provided in a vacuum and must address the overall effect it will have on the business of a client. To do otherwise would render our advice useless. We will therefore review and comment on all matters that may influence the effectiveness of our advice and will work with the client's legal and tax advisors in addressing these issues.

We typically expect to be involved with our clients for the long-term. We are relationship driven rather than purely transaction driven.


Working Capital Financing

We can arrange working capital financing for companies seeking an immediate source of funding without having to give up equity, by monetizing current assets for purposes such as taking advantage of volume purchases or early payment discounts, accommodating seasonal increases in demand, or simply providing additional cash reserves. Working capital financing usually takes the form of accounts receivable or inventory financing.


We maintain relationships with several financial institutions and select can the appropriate funding source for each client based on its individual circumstance. Generally, we can determine a client's qualification for working capital financing within a few days, saving management time and effort.


By taking advantage of our ability to arrange and structure such financing at competitive rates, a developing company will position itself to qualify more rapidly for a bank line of credit or to raise capital via a broker-dealer.


Strategy Implementation

Formulating and developing a strategic plan is nothing without implementation and execution. In cooperation with a client's legal, accounting, and other advisors, we help to prepare the information that prospective capital providers or joint venture partners will require. We assist in the entire planning process with the client, from the introduction of suitable institutional partner sources and, if necessary, other qualified professionals, through informational presentations, to the final closing of the transaction. While the terms of each transaction are negotiated between the principals, we alleviate many of the pressures on senior management, co-ordinate the numerous professionals involved and provide the company with the broad experience that we have gained from numerous prior transactions.

Wood Roberts does not provide investment advice or sell or advise on the sale of securities. It is not a registered broker-dealer and does not act as an issuer or selling agent for client companies. Please review the legal section of this website.


Acquisition & Divestiture

We work closely with our clients, getting to know their corporate aims and helping develop their overall strategy. Historically, we have instigated transactions by identifying and analyzing suitable targets. We represent client interests in valuing the assets of both the client and target, assisting in negotiating the terms of the transaction, due diligence, financing, drafting of disclosure documentation, and closing.


Working With Other Professionals

If we don't know, we usually know who to ask.
We have business and professional relationships with numerous firms and individuals and we often work with other advisors where we require additional manpower or expertise in an area with which we are unfamiliar or not authorized to provide advice. Similarly, other advisors choose to partner with Wood Roberts to gain the benefit of our oil and gas and transactional expertise. If we find ourselves unable to provide suitable advice or assistance to a client or potential client, we will seek to make an appropriate introduction to a qualified professional, including investment banks and broker-dealers.


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